Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Naxos upgrade

Naxos Music Library is in the process of migrating to NML 2.0. During this transition period there may be some disruption of service. One problem that has surfaced is that if your NML session times out, you will not be able to log in again for a few hours. This should not happen once the migration is complete (which should be by September 12).

Here are a list of new features, taken from a recent email announcement from Naxos:
  • Microsoft Silverlight player combines various elements to create a unique, cross-platform, easy way to stream music!
  • An actual home page has been created to present the most recent album additions, featured new additions, and Naxos news updates.
  • Links to major pages of the site have now been logically grouped as a main menu on the header section of each page. Likewise, the keyword search feature has now been made available to almost all the pages of NML 2.0.
  • The album page now contains additional information such as the short album description and the album information summary. Soon we will also be offering links to the "Work" information used by each track.
  • Aside from the album page, the Recent Additions, Genre, Labels, and Composer List pages also have significant changes in the design.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wireless Network Upgrade

Sibley's wireless system has recently been upgraded. With these improvements (which include increased covereage throughout the building), come some changes. The new wireless system will no longer require each wireless device to be registered in the Eastman Computing Services office, but will enable you to connect to the wireless system from any device with the use of your NetID and password. The two choices are UR_RC_Internal and UR_RC_InternalSecure. We encourage you to use the UR_RC_InternalSecure connection if your computer is able to connect with WPA. The UR_RC_InternalSecure network provides security for your information while the UR_RC_Internal leaves your data out in the open. When you first connect to the UR_RC_InternalSecure network, you will be prompted to enter a wireless security encryption key. When are prompted, enter URWireless. After connecting to the network and opening a web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer), you will be redirected to the URWireless Acceptable Use Policy. You will need to enter your NetID and password (this is the account used for PeopleSoft, VPN, and student e-mail) in order to join the wireless network. Step-by-step instructions for connecting can be found at http://www.rochester.edu/it/wireless/.

Guests will also be able to obtain temporary NetIDs, but they must be sponsored by someone on the University staff or faculty. Information on the Guest NetID program for accessing the UR Wireless network is available at http://www.rochester.edu/it/netid/guest_netid.html.